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Downloadable PDF.  (Work + Magazine) 


For this cost, we provide you with a summary and our decryption,  as well as the copy of the elements read, which fed our little reflection. 


Here is a summary and our own decryption of the reading of the magazine which  the contents  is attached.

Also, before starting to read this book, we strongly recommend before reading the entire book or magazine, especially the chapters related to Chinese Martial Arts, to consult other magazines or books on the internet.

We must build our judgment and the learning or teaching methodology after validating  the accuracy of the information read.

This modest analysis, is written by a practitioner of Martial Arts, benefiting from a work  and research of over 35 years, now Professor and 6th Dan in Chinese and Vietnamese Martial Arts.
Indeed, you will find in this magazine a multitude of information concerning Chinese Martial Arts, such as a summary of the history of Chinese Chi Kung (or Qi Cong - Noi Cong), explanations of the most important concepts and terminologies and , more importantly, you will learn the fundamentals of the general principles and theories of Chi-kung training. Without these "roots", you might experience confusion and misunderstanding when reading this later work ...


Continuation of the work of the Master in martial arts in the document at  Download. 


Tai Chi mag # 11 - Jan 2017

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