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Sustainable development

With experience in Asia, SHG Group has been developing for twenty years a number of activities which all fall within the philosophy of the tradition of Chinese martial arts.

Thanks to its martial arts school, SHG actively contributes to the creation of charitable associations, to risk management consulting, to the protection of individuals and property with its partner company, EMERASIA.

As we look towards 2020, we should strive to use this experience as a learning process, even as a warning. We have all witnessed how nature returned to its place once our economic activity stopped. 2021 must be, for all of us, a pivotal year in which we must strengthen and develop our companies in a responsible manner, taking into account our environment and the future.


SHG and its president naturally wish to participate in this process. According to her, China and Southeast Asia are examples to follow in this aspect, representing an opportunity for many Westerners and non-Asian companies large and small. The diversity of SHG's activities naturally makes it a player.



Sustainable development represents an understanding of development or growth that puts emphasis on the long term, incorporating into economic thinking environmental and social constraints. As SHG understands it, and in line with the definition given to it in the Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, the so-called Brundtland Report, which coined the term in 1987, "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." Master Kong, otherwise known as Confucius (孔子), as well as his main disciples, called the Twelve Philosophers, were already teaching in 479 BC sustainable development and balance in the following works: the Book of Changes, or Yi Jing (易经), and the Spring and Autumn Annals (春秋 (麟經).


In the West, this idea has taken root following a gradual dawning of the finite aspect of Earth’s environment that started in the 1970s, bringing the long-term limits into focus. Sustainable development, however, has its critics, such as advocates of degrowth who consider that this concept remains too tied to that other concept, economic growth; other critics point to the fact it represents a hindrance to further growth.


SHG wishes to maintain its activities in counseling, risk management and training within Martial Arts in a twofold manner: to promote self-development through the practice of Martial Arts while contributing to an economic development that preserves the health of humankind.

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